New talent brings blistering bursts of pop energy

Norway may be rich in oil but it’s their music export that impresses. Especially with regards to young female singer-songwriters with the talent and sense of adventure to head out and conquer the international music scene. At Roskilde Festival, we’ve previously had the pleasure of Sigrid and Aurora, to mention a few.

The brand-new Norwegian name whose future in music looks glorifying is Amanda Tenfjord. Her bittersweet Scandi-pop tugs at your heartstrings, it has a personal edge and it makes you dance and sing along.

The young singer-songwriter seemed destined for a life in music. She started playing piano at the age of 5, and at the age of 16 she had released her first song, “Run” (she still plays it live).

Allegedly, she composes her music by walking along the shore in her hometown of Tennfjord (and yes, Tenfjord is her real family name). Give her stunning singles “Kill the Lonely”, “No Thanks” and “Let Me Think” a spin, and you’ll be quickly won over. Her songs are blistering bursts of pop energy. Amanda Tenfjord boasts a purity to her voice that lends itself well to an intimate sound before her soaring ambition lifts each chorus well into the heavens.