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Instrumental hypno rock taking in flavours from all over the world

An assegai is a pole weapon used for throwing. Don’t worry, though, in the company of this particular band you don’t have to duck or send worrying glances over your shoulders!

Danish band Assegai’s sole arsenal of weapons is their instruments.

Armed with guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, Assegai conjures up an exciting brand of psychedelic instrumental rock while they make the compass needle spin wildly. You can pick out influences from many parts of the world in their tonal language.

The hypnotising music projects images of big bustling faraway cities or dusty deserts and a burning sun. Wherever you mentally position this band, they will be sweating over their instruments as they jam away and keep the rocking groove alive. Assegai digs repetition in their music – and the riffing can easily become trance-inducing!

The band released their debut album, Kraal, in early 2020. Its seven songs have outlandish song titles, calling for special colours, tastes and emotions. When you listen to album, it sounds nothing like a young band coming from Aarhus. It sort of takes you out of place and time – and that’s the quality of it.

If you dig hypno rock – be it West-African desert blues or Indian psych – you will definitely dig Assegai.