Danish-language R&B in slow motion

Bette (Danish for tiny) knows that she shouldn’t always listen to reason. Sometimes she has to seize the opportunity.

She has done just that with her pop music. She used to sing just for herself and didn’t have any audience in mind. But then something happened. She released a song in a video where she works with Danish producer and rapper Emil Kruse. It was the sound of a great talent. The number of streams and shares skyrocketed.

Emil Kruse is a close collaborator with Bette, and in the course of several songs they have found just the right sound.

The tune "Hører dem ikke” (‘don’t hear them’) sings about shielding against reservations and limitations. Bette won’t listen to such voices of reason, and it has taken her on a trip towards the stars with her music.

Bette’s makes gorgeous, slow-paced R&B with great sensuality. Her sound draws back to the 90s, but at the same time it points into the future.