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Danish rap super duo formed by Mund de Carlo and Trepac

Binær is the Danish word for binary, and it consists of two units. In the electrical circuit numbering system, the units are called 1 and 0. There are no zeros in this duo. The binary units in Binær are two rap acts that Danish rap connoisseurs will recognise, namely Mund de Carlo and Trepac.

Binær is a partnership between two of Denmark's most skilled rappers. They had previously featured on each other’s tracks and toured together, so it was only a matter of time before Mund De Carlo and Trepac would decide to merge words in a joint project. On the track "Sofa i Esbjerg" they tell their own story of how they got started.

Binær released the debut album Umage (can be translated to ‘effort’) in 2016, and it showed a duo who really did make an effort.

On a backdrop of classic, dusty boom bap, Mund de Carlo and Trepac delivered technically superior, playful raps with meaningful messages.

In 2019, the duo were ready with the follow-up, Gods (‘freight’), which, like on the debut, featured producer Xeren as a musical anchorman – only this time he has become a permanent member of the group. According to Danish music magazine GAFFA, Binær only gets better and better, and the rap blog Det godt nok underlined that Mund de Carlo and Trepac are the technically most skilled rappers in Denmark.