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Far-reaching post-punkish sound delivers raw beauty

Blood Child is the perfect title for a horror film (and yes, one exists!) – and works perhaps even better as a name for a dark-edged rock band (guess what... it exists as well!).

The Danish band Blood Child is one exciting outfit, drawing in inspirations from all over. They balance raw noise, introspective melody and splintered rhythms.

You’ll hear bits of monochrome post-punk, 90s grunge distortion overdrive and punkish moans in the vein of Iceage. Blood Child ties it all together in their adventurous, avant-garde-leaning expression.

The band was formed by brothers Emil and Mads Bertelsen (they are brothers of Mathias Bertelsen of The Entrepreneurs, btw) together with Hjalte Ross, Marikka Katrina Hoejen Jørgensen and Lasse Dybdahl Krüger.

In 2019, they released their debut EP, Shower Me. Loud guitars, moody vocals and a general sonic dissonance paint a dark but beautiful picture. Their raw beauty and ugly intensity work wonders. According to one review, their music works as “a comforter for the disenchanted”.