Young trio delivers catchy synth-pop

You know the feeling of having small butterflies fluttering around in your belly, right? The feeling you get when you fall in love.

Take that feeling and add the soundtrack of EmmaDop to it. Because the sweet feeling of infatuation deserves some ear candy in the shape of melodic synth-pop.

EmmaDop is a trio from the Danish city of Aarhus who has the sky as a limit when they compose their music.

Just give their single “Uppercut” a listen. It’s full of bouncy bass, high energy, wide smiles and sweet vocals. It will make you want to throw your arms in the air and dance like no one is looking. What it’s about, you ask? Falling in love, of course!

EmmaDop has also released the tune “Fitness” as a single which is a comment on the everyday race in the competition state. EmmaDop sings for freedom, and it’s easy to give in to their wonderful-sounding rebellion.

The band has an EP on the way and judging from the material they have put out so far, we’re in for a honey-sweet treat.