Velvety and sweet R&B that will make you sway

“I just wanna do my thing,” goes the chorus in one of Erika de Casier’s songs. A tune about finding freedom and about accepting yourself as you are.

Erika de Casier has written the song, produced it and released it on her own label, Independent Jeep Music.

In other words, she is a self-made artist.

We first got to know Erika de Casier as part of the dark and sensual R&B duo Saint Cava who performed at Roskilde Festival in 2015.

As a solo artist, Erika heads in a slightly different direction. At the front we still have Erika’s airy, affectionate vocals caressing our ears. The music finds inspiration in 90s R&B music with nostalgic sounds running through it all. At the same time, it has a timeless quality to it.

The Portuguese-born artist (she came to Denmark as a child) released her solo debut album in 2019. She calls it Essentials – because, well, the sound is essentially what she grew up with and what she still loves today.

Erika de Casier’s sound is both sexy and hypnotising – like a siren’s call out at sea. Her groovy waves will keep that boat rocking back and forth.