Chaotic hardcore that will rip you to pieces

All eyes on... EYES. They have set out to remove all that is pretty and polished.

In the company of this visionary (see what we did there?) band, you get bleak, gritty, metallic hardcore that helps you get rid of all your inner demons. Let’s call it cleansing music.

This five-piece works out of Copenhagen, and if you’re familiar with the underground for hard-hitting music, you may have experienced some of these lads in bands like Hexis, LLNN, Mass Worship, TELOS and afmagt. In other words, they are very skilled players, and they know just how to start up a chaotic maelstrom of sound! So, if you are into bands like Converge, Botch and Coalesce, EYES will be right up your alley!

EYES released their debut album, Underperformer (the title lies!), in 2020, all full of no-nonsense hardcore. They charge ahead from the first beat and there’s no slowing down until you are out of breath and energy.