The danceable sound of the Bamako underground scene

Faratuben is a meeting of some of the best young musicians from Mali and Denmark. The name is a blend of the words Farafin (black) and Toubabu (white).

The band's music is rooted in traditional Malian bobo music which the three Malian members have learned from their father.

Bobo music is both festive and danceable – yet the culture it has grown out is disliked and infamous. This is because the music is often connected with the more seedy sides of the local nightlife in Bamako, Mali. But once your body starts moving to the funky guitar riffs and the wild balafon sounds (West African variety of the xylophone), you shouldn’t care about anything but the party. The balafon master is called Kassim Koita and he has been awarded as best balafon player in Mali four times!

Faratuben’s debut album, Sira Kura, was released in 2018, and addresses social inequality in Mali where the bobo culture is still struggling for acceptance in society.

When Faratuben isn’t touring outside of Africa, the group still performs at traditional ceremonies in Mali, and plays as a backing band for artists like Salome Dembele and Ben Zabo.