Groovy neo-soul music from Norway’s best new eight-piece

Usually a four-lettered word in the English language is considered profane. This particular word, Fieh, is considered exciting, funky, jazzy, soulful (the list goes on), musically speaking.

Fieh is an eight-piece band from Norway who knows just how to get a funky groove going and build on top of it with soul inspirations, jazzy flourishes and a feel-good atmosphere unlike anything.

The young Norwegians bring inspirations from many places, and they practically set the music free. That’s how it feels when listening to them.

Fieh started with singer Sofie Tollefsbøl who wrote songs in her room at the age of 16. The project soon developed when she started releasing GarageBand demos on SoundCloud. Along the way she hooked up with other skilled musicians to form a band. And before long they were eight people in the band!

Sexy soul melds with R&B and jazz when this eight-piece plays. Just take a listen to their debut album Cold Water Burning Skin (2019) which is full of groovy should-be-hits. The band has had some impact with the singles “25” and “Glu” – listen and start dancing along to these syrupy treats!

The album was nominated for best Norwegian album at Osloprisen. The year before they won for best live act at Osloprisen – which says a lot about Fieh. Because, yes, they are a terrific live act (just read here, here and here).