80s-leaning astronautical synth pop flying into space

You know her by her first name only – so let’s put it in capitals. GRETA. It sounds like something out of a fairy tale, and the music does have something magical to it.

GRETA is a Copenhagen-situated German musician, and her dreamy synthpop builds worlds of imagination.

Imagine stories about spaceship landings and 80s-inspired motion pictures like E.T. (and more recent: Stranger Things). GRETA’s music would fit such soundtracks perfectly! It looks back at a bygone time, and at the same time is has a fixed gaze on the future. One media (in Danish only, sorry) has labelled her music ‘astronautical pop’, which is a fitting description.

Her music is floaty and with an electronic groove, centred around bubbly melodies, flickering harmonies and GRETA’s airy, gravity-defying vocals at the front.