Shoegazer-inspired kraut rock with the sky as the limit

Look up and see the vastness above you. Himmelrum (translates to ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’) play instrumental rock that strives for the same kind of grandeur, and their eyes seem fixated on the blue above us.

The members of Himmelrum met in school and formed the band out of a shared appreciation of the German kraut rock band Neu!

Using trumpet, guitar, bass and drums, the Danish band let their songs develop, intertwine and stretch out as far as needed (some songs move past the 15-minute mark). The style is a blissful mix of post-rock, shoegazer and kraut rock.

The Danish quartet has released two albums, Himmelrum (2017) and Free Camping Romania (2018). The latter has a conceptual approach. It was recorded during a trip to Eastern Europe where the band jammed on streets, beaches and in forests. Combining studio recordings and field recordings, they have made a special album that lets melody and ambiance go hand in hand. On their latest album, Vand, død & ensomhed ('water, death & loneliness'), they do whatever comes to mind. Adventurous!