Moody post-punk with indie guitars

All hail post-punk. A genre that dwells in sombre moods, grey-toned romances and a slow-burning energy. Don’t smile but feel free to dance.

Isolated Youth were formed in a small coastal city north of Stockholm, but they could just as well have come out of Manchester in post-punk’s heyday. They have that sooty, Factory-approved sound with melodic high-toned bass lines, pacing hi-hats, ringing guitars and fragile vocals.

The Swedish band was formed by brothers William and Axel Mårdberg along with Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark.

Together, they favour melodic moods over chugging aggression, and their dream-like sound takes the expression beyond the well-worn post-punk templates and ultimately offers up something fresh.

Isolated Youth released their debut EP, Warfare, in 2019, and 2020 they released a follow-up, Iris - both of which are full of dark beauty.