Chilled neo-soul and R&B from new Danish singer

”Don’t compare me with the queens”. These are the words of Danish singer Josephin Bovién (taken from her first single, ”Fuel”). But listening to her soft, soothing and soulful R&B, there is some kind of affilitation of sorts with major league acts in the genre, Solange in particular.

Josephin Bovién has in fast time established herself as one of the biggest R&B talents out of Denmark. With an affectionate voice she sings songs from the perspective of her own life. Songs about race, adolescence, love and sex.

Bovién released her debut release, Caramel Babe, in 2018, which combines the bedroom aesthetics with experimental R&B. Thoughtful, drowsy and sensual music to fall in love with. The singer released further two singles (“The Right People” and “Know That Woman”) in 2019, and it doesn’t look like she’s planning on stopping anytime soon.