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The presentation below was written after we had heard but one song and caught an early showcase by the band.

New Danish rock band ready to make sparks fly

Joyce is a brand-new rock band from Copenhagen. They formed in May 2019, they played their first concert just a few months later. They haven’t looked back since then.

The first single they released was called “Tomme ord” (‘empty words’), and it found its way to receive airplay on Danish national radio.

Listening to the “Tomme ord”, you can hear the fascinating merge of rock energy and an insistence on taken the sound into unchartered waters. You hang by every single one of singer Sebastian Wegener’s words (if you understand Danish, of course). His vocals are wrapped in effects and often joined by a (un)harmony vocal, giving the song a special sway, like a ship in troubled waters. You certainly know something is up in this song!

Joyce is currently busy writing new music that unites energy, melody and thoughtfulness. They also play the occasional gig around Copenhagen.

The band presents a restless energy on stage which makes for an intense rock gig.