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This presentation was written when Jung was still an upcoming act. A lot has happened since then!

Electrified cross field of rock and electronics

This Jung has nothing to do with analytical psychology but with a new type of Danish (and Danish-language) music that operates in an exciting intersection between rock and electronics.

Jung has come out of the blue. They surprised everyone with the tune "Jeg skal nok vente (‘I will wait’). Neither band nor tune waited the least bit. They rushed forward as a refreshing Danish counterpart to Future Islands, and the single was in steady rotation on Danish radio. The follow-up single "Hun kommer tilbage" (‘she’s coming back’) lives up to the promises of the debut: Jung is a band with a lot on their mind.

Jung consists of Michael Hovmand on keyboards, Sigurd Boesen on guitar and Jonas Jung on vocals. Jung has been a band for two years. It didn't take them long to find the golden recipe for a good tune that is accessible and recognisable and with a depth that makes you want to revisit the song.

The Danish trio is keeping busy. They have recorded many more songs that will soon see the light of day. Jung has also become a popular live act – they sell out big venues now.

Come and have a taste of their electrified sounds.