Melancholic-yet-hard-hitting trap pop

Kaaliyah Stephanie Lundtofte Kumapayi (just call her Kaaliyah) is a trap singer who is starting to make waves in the Danish urban scene.

The Danish/Nigerian singer released her first EP, Darkpop First Sequence, back in 2015 which gave a taste of her dark, seductive music.

A handful of singles has followed in its wake, and Kaaliyah has noticeably taken her sound further into a dark, trappy territory. Just listen to those manically ticking hi-hat samples and filtered vocals. If you dig the hazy atmospheres of artists like FKA Twigs and The Weeknd, you’ll definitely take a liking to Kaaliyah.

In 2019, Kaaliyah has released further two singles, “Facts” and “Wicked”. Her authoritative voice rolls through the moody fog of sound, and it is clear that she may be up to something grand! A full album is in the works and will be out soon.

Kaaliyah has hung out a lot with Danish star duo Phlake. In fact, they share the same studio and have sung on each other’s material. This led to Kaaliyah making her debut at Roskilde Festival during Phlake’s opening gig on the Orange Stage in 2017.