Modern piano man creates wonderful singer-songwriter tunes

Late Verlane is Swedish singer-songwriter Viktor Persson. His most comfortable place is behind a grand piano, penning wide-eyed alternative pop ballads that sound like they could come from the 70s. They have that classic sound to them. At the same time, Late Verlane gives his songs a certain shimmer and shine that makes them timeless.

There is no doubt that he is fond of music like Jackson Browne and early Elton John. There’s also hints of modern nostalgics like MGMT in his sound.

Even though Late Verlane only has a few songs to his name, it was enough to persuade Aussie label Future Classic to sign him, making him label mates with international stars like Flume and SOPHIE.

Head over to your preferable streaming app and find Late Verlane’s songs: “Poolside” is a beautiful piano ballad that just builds and builds around some seemingly simple piano figures, and his first single, “Roll Like a Dummy”, is a groovier and chirpier synth-based tune.

There’s no doubt that we’ll hear more of Late Verlane.