Trip out with the psychedelic rockers from Sweden

This Swedish retrofied heavy psych four-piece makes us believe that the year is 1969 all over again. MaidaVale’s (sounds like some cool faraway land, right?) trippy sounds call for paisley colour patterns and freedom. But let’s emphasise the rock part because MaidaVale know how to turn up and rock out. At the same time, the band manages to put a fresh spin on the vintage sounds.

MaidaVale is made up of Sofia Ström (guitar), Matilda Roth (vocals), Johanna Hansson (drums) and Linn Johannesson (bass) who formed the band on the Swedish island Gotland back in 2013.

Reaching far out into the furthest edges of psychedelia whilst still retaining the catchiest of hooks, as first evidenced by their 2016 debut Tales of the Wicked West, MaidaVale’s divergent take on the psych scene is an affirming take on the genre.

MaidaVale followed up on the debut with 2018’s Madness Is Too Pure, which captures the band at their best and proves their spot is deserved in the upper echelons of the modern wave of all things tripped out. The album was critically acclaimed and nominated in at the Swedish P3 Guld awards in the rock/metal category.

If you want a taste of bluesy, psychedelic and gritty riff rock, you need MaidaVale as part of your soundtrack (watch this live recording as a great example of what the band is capable of on stage).