Soulful tunes from young talent

Mekdes is a new voice on the Danish music scene. She is not a tall figure on a stage, but her voice certainly makes up for it with plenty of warmth and body to fill any room she sings into.

21-year-old Mekdes comes from the Danish town of Kolding where she writes her songs. Her danceable R&B, neo-soul and pop tunes are simply irresistible. Fans of Jorja Smith, Kehlani, Ella Mai and NAO will definitely be treated with honey-coated treats.

Mekdes started making music at a young age. In her early teens, she uploaded a song on Instagram. It didn’t take long before she was approached by labels (and X Factor whom she politely said no to) who sensed her huge talent.

Now, Mekdes has released the EP Fly, which gives us a batch of songs that underlines Mekdes'  talent in syrupy soul and the art of the ballad.