Members of Synth Babes collective bring you experimental synth-pop

Two artists from the Malmö-based Synth Babes collective join forces for a special show full of synth-pop in various colours.

The eerie, sometimes fairytale-like sounds these two artists bring forth are truly of another world.

Ninoosh (real name Anya Trybala) is a Melbourne-born artist who migrated to Sweden. She creates ethereal, melancholic, lilting music, exploring nostalgia, grief and all spectrums of life. Listen closely and you’ll hear how she channels the same magical sound worlds as Fever Ray. Ninoosh’s debut album, Floodgates, came out in 2019.

Loljud is Lotta Fahlén who is recognised by her cross-artistic approach to electronic music. She sifts through the world of sounds with a butterfly net, catching waterdrops, radio static and alarm clocks in her net. Various types of ‘oljud’ (noise) exists both in her moniker and in her music which has been compared to the likes of The Knife, Björk and Sia. She works on a triptych of an album, of which two parts have been released, The Pre Phase (2018) and The Acute Phase (2019).

Both artists are founders of the feminist network and collective Synth Babes, committed to inspire and educate women and transgender in music production and create a greater representation.