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Avant-garde provocative pop and techno

Petra Skibsted has set out to wipe out the norms of today’s music industry as we know them.

The non-binary artist has created the moniker Peachlyfe (and has also released music under the abbreviated name Peach).

Between 2016 and 2018, Peachlyfe released a cassette-based trilogy – each chapter is called Beach, Bleach and Preach – singing about being non-conform, both in terms of gender, sexuality and music. It’s personal and addictive stuff that both invites you to dance and to be dazzled by the swaying sounds.

If you like the poignant and outlandish synth pop in the vein of Ariel Pink and Jaakko Eino Kalevi, you’ll definitely take a liking to Peachlyfe.

More recent productions have turned towards club music. Take a listen to a SoundCloud release here. Maybe we should expect the unexpected because, as the title goes, “Fuck the Cistem”.

You should also check out one of Peachlyfe’s mixes for the Copenhagen-based rave agency Fast Forward Productions and you will get a sense of the artist’s more recent preferences (hint: lots of fast and groovy techno). Again, there’s a hint in the title: “No Line Is Truly Straight”. In this case it certainly isn’t!

And are you ready for the most crazy title of them all? The debut EP All Tits are Real, All Money is Fake, All Hail Satan (told you so!) was released earlier this year (listen here).