Fast-pounding beats from one of Copenhagen’s central techno figures

Repro is a central figure in Copenhagen’s much hyped techno scene (great feature more on that here). He co-runs the Euromantic label and is one half of the blissful-yet-hard-hitting techno duo Funeral Future (who played Roskilde Festival 2019).

Repro also works wonders on his own. He makes some of the most accomplished, striking and temperamental music around, fusing his techno instincts with a deep, formative love of EBM.

He produces his tracks in a well-stocked analogue studio in Copenhagen, and his productions are emblematic of the Copenhagen sound: aggressive 140-BPM kicks paired with icy melodies and atmospherics.

A compulsive music maker who has produced hundreds of tracks in his time, Repro has released EPs on techno activist Freddy K's KEY Vinyl, Courtesy and Mama Snake's Ectotherm and Count 0, Euromantic's predecessor label.

Repro is also associated with the rave production company Fast Forward – so he’s generally an omnipresent figure in the Copenhagen scene.

Repro's music is urgent, unapologetic techno that always aims for something massive. His sets call for a maximalist celebration of the Copenhagen sound inviting you to let loose.