Stalwart Copenhagen techno producer fills the dancefloors with euphoria

Rune Bagge is one of the true heavyweights of Copenhagen techno. His bleak and melancholic IDM universe has spread from Copenhagen over New York to Moscow.

Rune Bagge started out like most others, by being curious and by noodling with sounds and hardware. He soon learned to master the machines and found a special skill for crafting mesmerising and bouncy electronic tracks.

Bagge started doing live DJ sets, but he soon got bored playing other people’s music, so he started composing. After a rave, he was approached by Courtesy and Mama Snake who ran the Echoterm label. They were impressed with his chops and found his compositions so great they deserved to be released. So, Bagge, who had just built and improvised live, had to find a way to reconstruct his magic. In 2006, he released his first EP, Ingen tak til systemet (‘no thanks to the system’) on Echoterm (since re-released on Kulør). It was well-received and it literally opened doors for Rune Bagge to the world.

The producer has kept busy ever since, and he has stayed productive with stellar releases on imprints like Northern Electronics, Ownlife and Kulør.

His techno tracks are constructed in a way that makes them equally violent and melancholic, equally hard-hitting and intense and relaxing and introvert. That’s the trademark Rune Bagge sound. His tunes can fill dancefloors in great euphoria just as they work as headphone music for the more contemplative hours.

If you’ve been at any of Fast Forward’s raves in Copenhagen, you have most likely partied to the sounds of Rune Bagge.