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Gothic hypno rock with Middle Eastern undertones

Shaam Larein is a brand-new name, and she brings a very special kind of darkness to the music scene.

We can’t make sure the sun doesn’t shine – but rest assured that her music will. With her band she will take us on a dark trip through her mind!

The six-piece plays a gothic and hypnotic brand of heavy rock with distinctive influences from the Middle East where Larein has her roots.

Fans of Siouxsie And The Banshees and Chelsea Wolfe should definitely not miss out on this.

The Swedish band has recently released their debut album, Sculpture, which in the course of seven songs spreads a beautiful darkness. You will notice how Larein’s vocals are often shrouded in beautiful harmonies from other vocalists. It makes her sound feel big as if sung inside a cavern or a cathedral.