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Funky, Anatolian acid rock

The Danish/Turkish band Tuhaf plays Anatolian acid rock and Turkish pop with roots in the 70s psychedelic golden age in Turkey.

Since 2013, the band has merged old folk songs and modern messages into a musical universe that pays homage to the skewed, strange and reckless energy and passion but which is also characterised by melancholy, homesickness and nostalgia.

In the middle of trippy synthesizers, groovy drums and raw psych guitars, frontwoman Berrin Bas controls the music's many psychedelic, high-flying, honest and raw sound waves.

The band started their own unique songwriting with the EP Gölgeden (2019). They sing in both Danish and Turkish, celebrating the traditions and song treasures of both cultures.

Constantly balancing on the edge of the black holes of acid rock, Tuhaf invites you to take the plunge and disappear into the party and dance together with them.