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80s-leaning, minor-sounding indie rock songs

Visitor Kane is an alias for singer and songwriter Patrick Kociszewski. With a heart beating heavily for a melodic, 80s-leaning rock sound with inspirations from artists like David Bowie, The Go-Betweens and Orange Juice, Kociszewski has created a sound that you don't really hear coming out of Denmark.

Visitor Kane has undergone a striking development since the project started up. They started out as a synth-pop duo consisting of Patrick Kociszewski and partner Julie Lind (listen to the debut album Easy Concern from 2018) but soon developed into a full band with a preference for more classic rock virtues. The latest constellation counts members from the projects Yung and Holm: Mikkel Holm Silkjær and Tobias Guldborg Tarp on drums and guitar, respectively, as well as Kasper Troels Nørregaard on keys.

The band's latest album, Change of Heart from 2019, is definitely worth sinking your teeth into. With jingling guitars, rich keyboard lines and simple, rumbling rhythms, Visitor Kane’s tuneful songs slide onwards, playing up against a sky blue – and if a few drops of rain were to hit you, it's just because of the songs’ minor-coloured ceremonies.

Visitor Kane is a fine, uncut diamond from the Danish indie scene.