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At the time of writing (early 2020) Whistler had only released one song and played few shows. Since then, they have released an album.

Classic indie rock from new powers

Whistler may be a brand-new rock band out of Copenhagen. But you if have paid attention to the Danish rock underground in recent years, you will recognise some of the band members playing in Whistler. They have also played in acts like Lower, Marching Church, Holm and Arak.

Whistler plays with a classic setup with guitars, bass and drums – and their aim is to create timeless, infectious guitar-based songs.

So far, the band has uploaded just one song to SoundCloud. “No One Is Buying” is the title, and its simple and chiming guitar work will get stuck in your inner ear. Imagine a Danish cousin to a band like Ride and you may have an idea of the sound.

It’s only a matter of time before your find yourself... wait for it... whistling along to this tune while you are impatiently waiting for more songs from this Danish outfit.