Deconstructed R&B meets folk music in a unique sound

Behind the moniker Ydegirl – taken from a 2000-year-old Dutch bog body – we find the Danish performance artist and music producer Andrea Novel. She started her solo project in 2016 and has been part of the Danish underground scene for the past couple of years.

Ydegirl released her first EP, Parody of Crime, in 2016, which experimented with elements of hip-hop and chamber music.

In 2019, she released her critically acclaimed follow-up EP, notes19 (out on Escho). It’s a conceptual release, playing out as some sort of diary. Intimate, secret tellings of desires, plans and turmoil.

Ydegirl calls her sound Nordic baroque. It could also be called deconstructed R&B with a folky twist. Whatever you want to call it, Ydegirl is always interested in taking things into new direction. Her sound works as an alternative to the dominating R&B sound you hear everywhere.

Ydegirl’s sounds are fragile and sparse. She adds no more in her arrangements than necessary. A little piano here, some guitar there, a few samples – and her beautiful voice in the middle of everything.