The best from the streets: Danish rap from four wild-growing shoots in the concrete

What’s the temperature in the Danish rap underground? New acts are shooting up every single day – and you’ll have a good sweat in keeping up.

We present four fresh shoots from the Danish concrete mould, who will perform on the Countdown stage for upcoming talent during the first days of Roskilde Festival.

ZK – full name Zaman Kilic – has challenged the counters in the streaming services with his singles. He has released chart-chargers like ”Udsigt”, ”Zum Zum” and ”La La”. ZK's street style is characterised by a high pace and lots of Auto-Tune on the vocals. His song-rap has great melodic quality, and you can sense a great stubbornness in the material.


Omar comes from the Danish city of Aarhus, and he hits the bullseye with his melodic ghetto songs. One of his popular tracks is the danceable "Ka du ik" which has some catchy classical guitar samples that will get your body moving. He also made a few songs with Danish rapper Artigeardit. Omar's sound contains both attitude and melancholy.


Larry 44 has attracted some attention to himself on the basis of the song "Himalaya", which also made up the soundtrack to an advertising film (full of attitude) for the a clothing brand. People requested the full song, and it didn’t take long before they got just that. A solid Auto-Tuned street rap song with lots of melody. This is just the beginning of things for Larry 44...


Amina is the freshest name in this package. She has heated things up with her winter song, "Winter Season," about leaving missteps and acquaintances out in the cold. Gilli is featured (just like she features on the track "Mon Cheri" by Gilli and Bronco). More material will definitely follow from Amina.