Find answers to your questions about Roskilde Festival’s Open Call 2022

What is Open Call ’22? 
Open Call ’22 is Roskilde Festival’s invitation to associations and organisations to apply for funds from the Roskilde Festival Charity Society’s profits from the 2022 festival.

The focus of this year’s Open Call is on making a difference to vulnerable children and young people as they go through life. We do this by activating art and culture in social initiatives, preventive initiatives and initiatives aimed at providing treatment. For example, these could include art and cultural experiences and creative communities with young people processing their experiences. 

The increasing lack of wellbeing and the number of young people living outside society’s communities point to the need for an innovative approach. 

Open Call ’22 is therefore about applying the potential for art and culture to improve wellbeing for young people in vulnerable life situations. 

Who can apply? 
We support players within humanitarian, cultural, social and health areas that use art and/or culture in their initiatives to improve the happiness, robustness, energy and wellbeing of young people.

Roskilde Festival Charity Society’s general purpose is to support initiatives that benefit children and young people as well as to support non-profit, humanitarian and cultural work. We can only support non-profit organisations, which means that the activities must be open and free for participation.

Generally, the association must have a CVR number, articles of association and annual accounts in order to apply. If you are not yet established as an association, you can still apply by uploading a draft of your articles of association and a document that explains that the first annual accounts are not yet available.

We do not distribute funds to individuals. 

What can you apply for?
You can apply for a limited project or for the organisation’s general activities if they live up to the objective of Open Call. The application form refers to “The Initiative”, which can describe general work as well as a specific project. 

We support both operation and activities. 

If an initiative is in collaboration with a partner, a confirmation of the partnership must be enclosed in the application. 

A project does not need to be planned in detail at the time of application. We need to know the purpose, the content, the target group and the aim of the project, and we need a general time frame and an estimated budget in order to assess your application. 

We believe in people, and we applaud good initiatives and are ready to enter a dialogue with the recipients we select.

How much can you apply for?
We support both minor and major initiatives. For this Open Call, we offer support between DKK 50,000 and DKK 700,000. 

The requirements for the application are in proportion to the size of the budget. This means that the bigger the amount you are applying for, the greater the requirements for the project description, including problem and context analysis, target group description and strategy to achieve the project goals. 

What criteria do you emphasise?
We emphasise these criteria when selecting recipients: 

  • Connection between art, culture and mental health: We support initiatives that develop, demonstrate and communicate the connection between culture, wellbeing and mental health. 
  • Innovation: We would like to see initiatives that test new ideas and approaches which can demonstrate strong connections between art, culture and the wellbeing of young people. 
  • Children and young people: The initiative has to strengthen the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. The target group for the initiative must be children and young people aged 10-29 years. 
  • Community: We believe in the power of community and that challenges are best overcome with efforts that span areas of expertise and sectors. For this reason, we prioritise cross-disciplinary inspiration and cooperation as well as initiatives where volunteers make a difference to the communities. 

How do I apply?
You can apply via a link to the donation system. We recommend creating a profile and familiarising yourself with the application system beforehand. In the application system, you can upload the application, budget, articles of association as well as the latest annual accounts. 

Please note, that NemID is required to log into the system and create a user profile. You can use either the NemID of the applying organisation or the private NemID of the person who is applying on behalf of the organisation. 

Do you support projects outside Denmark? 
Yes. During this Open Call, we support initiatives both in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Do you accept applications from previous recipients of donations from Roskilde Festival?

When is the application deadline?
The application period is 5 December 2022 to 22 January 2023 at 23:59.

When will I receive a response to my application?
We will process applications as quickly as possible after the deadline of 22 January. 

We expect up to six weeks of processing time, depending on the number of applications. 

Following selection of the donation recipients, a period of time is required for legal approval of the donations by the Danish Tax Agency. This means that an additional three months may pass before we can grant final approval and pay out the donation. 

Who can I contact with further questions?
If you have questions about the application process, you can contact us at the following email: donations@roskilde-festival.dk

Where can I read more about Roskilde Festival’s donation work?

Roskilde Festival is a non-profit charitable organisation that distributes all its profits to benefit cultural work, particularly aimed at children and young people. 

You can find our full donation policy for 2022-2025 on this page.