Familiarise yourself with all the information and terms & conditions before you buy your ticket to Roskilde Festival 2023

What does a ticket cost?
A full festival ticket (partoutbillet) costs DKK 2,400 (plus fees), and a single-day ticket costs DKK 1,200 (plus fees). You can find information on prices and categories on this page.

Where do I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets through our official sales site, Ticketmaster. We strongly discourage purchasing tickets through unofficial platforms and channels.

When do ticket sales start?
Ticket sales will commence on Monday, 31 October 2022, at 09:00 a.m.

What is a digital ticket?
To counter increasing problems with illegal ticket sales and illegal ticket resale, we are only selling digital tickets for Roskilde Festival 2023. This means, that your ticket will be 100% digital and connected to your Ticketmaster profile.

This also means that you can only gain access to the festival using the digital, watermarked tickets. Printed tickets or screenshots of the tickets will not grant access.

If you have tickets for several people on your account, you must therefore arrive at the same time. At the entrance, we will scan all tickets simultaneously on your phone.

If you cannot arrive at the same time, you can transfer the tickets to others via Ticket Transfer on your profile at

What is Making a Change?
The Making a Change ticket is a full festival ticket plus a special donation of DKK 200. When you buy this ticket type, you support the preventive and social initiatives of The Danish Red Cross Youth for young people suffering from psychiatric disorders in Denmark.

Read more about The Danish Red Cross Youth here.

After the festival, we will send you an e-mail with more information on the activities of The Danish Red Cross Youth that you are supporting with your ticket purchase.

Your donation of DKK 200 is tax-deductible with The Danish Customs and Tax Administration.

What is a Smart Ticket?
With a Smart Ticket, you have the option of splitting the payment of a full festival ticket, which costs DKK 2,400, into five smaller rates, without paying additional feels.

Read more about Smart Ticket here.

How do I resell my ticket?
If you want to sell your ticket to Roskilde Festival 2023, this can be done directly from your profile at via Ticket Resale.

How do I transfer my ticket to a friend?
With Ticket Transfer, you can transfer tickets to your friends before the festival, from your Ticketmaster profile to their profile.

When can I buy Special Camping?
We will start sale of Special Camping, which includes a number of different additional purchase options, in 2023.

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When can I buy Early Entry?
We will start sales of Early Entry in 2023, which grants access to the camping areas in a specific time interval on Saturday, 24 June.

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Where do I buy children’s tickets?
We are selling a limited number of children’s tickets to Roskilde Festival 2023. To be able to buy a children’s ticket, the child must be accompanied by an adult ticketholder that the child knows.

You must be able to present the child’s Danish health insurance card.

The prices for children’s tickets (10-14 years of age) is DKK 1,200 (plus fees) for a full festival ticket and DKK 600 (plus fees) for a single-day ticket.

Children under the age of 10 have free access if they are accompanied by an adult they know with a valid wristband. Children above 15 pay normal price.

You can also buy children’s tickets at the entrance if still available.

Please note that Roskilde Festival is an experience designed for adults. When children under 10 and children aged 10-14 participate with a free ticket or a children’s ticket, they must be accompanied by an adult they know who is over 18.

Please note that in Denmark it is illegal to serve alcohol to children under 18 at bars and restaurants.

Supermarkets can sell alcohol (with a percentage below 16.5) to young people 16 or older.

Why is the ticket price increasing?
The price for full festival tickets has increased from 2,250 in 2022 (which was actually put on sale back in 2019) to 2,400 kroner in 2023. This is an increase of 150 kroner, which corresponds to approximately 6.7 percent.

The price increases due to inflation in society. When the prices of building materials and raw materials rise, we have to raise the ticket price as well. In this way, we can continue to donate all proceeds from the festival to charitable purposes.

We have tried to keep price increases to an absolute minimum. Therefore, the increase is lower than the general price development in society since 2019.

If your budget is tight at the moment, the Smart Ticket option allows you to split the payment into five smaller installments without you having to pay extra fees.