Roskilde Festival is looking for creative professionals to deliver content for our channels

We have closed for applications while we are focusing on 'Roskilde Festival – do it yourself'. Read more about our DIY initiative here.

The coronavirus has affected Denmark in several ways. Many freelancers find themselves with very low income if any. Especially the creative industry is suffering.

The creative industry and Roskilde Festival go hand in hand. We work together with creative professionals, both musicians and artists in our festival line-up as well as graphic designers, illustrators and film makers in our communication work.

With ’Time to Create’ Roskilde Festival now opens its doors for all creative self-employed/freelancers. We make our digital channels available for your content. You get a fee for a day’s work. We get a quality product in our channels.

Want to be a part of it? Read more and apply below. 

Accepted contributions will be posted here

Olga Ravn is a Danish poet, critic, translator and editor. Her contribrution is titled FLASKE VERSUS BRYST (BOTTLE VERSUS BREAST) and can be read (in Danish) here as a PDF. Vist her webpage olgaravn.com for more info. 



You are a creative professional. Maybe you are a musician, an illustrator, an animator or an actor. You are self-employed/freelancer and earn your living from your creative work. You have a website or a portfolio that shows who you are.


I want in on this – what do I do?
First of all, please read all the requirements. If you're still keen and have a great idea, we ask you to pitch your idea (link at the bottom). If we like your idea, we'll get in touch right away, and then you start producing. Please notice, we expect you to be able to send us a finished product after 3 days.

Do I get a fee?
Yes. We will pay for a day’s work, DKK 6,800 + VAT (equivalent to DKK 850 an hour for 8 hours) for all published products in our channels. That’s approximately EUR 900. If you are more than one person working on the product, you will share the fee.

Does my product have to be original?
We expect that your product is made for this particular purpose. We are asking for a new production and not a reuse of something you have used previously in another context.

What is the deadline?
During the month of July we're publishing creative products in our channels, and we approve submissions on a running basis. So, the deadline is not fixed but our advice is the sooner the better.

A small disclaimer
Please notice, the 'Time to create' campaign is developed in the weird times during the Coronavirus outbreak, and the products created and published are designated for this purpose alone and will not have any relation to Roskilde Festival 2020 as such.



As Roskilde Festival 2020 is canceled, everyone who is making the festival a unique experience is missing it. Therefore, all productions shall address the theme "we miss festivals". How you choose to do so is up to you.  




Basically, we welcome all great ideas. As long as they can be implemented in our channels (Facebook, Instagram and website), can be completed in one working day equivalent to 8 hours and address our theme ’we miss festivals’.

It could be a speech, a comic strip, a podcast, an animation, a photo series, comedy, a poem, a film, a dance... all creative crafts are welcome!

Please notice that you have to submit a finished product. If you are writing a text, you have to consider the layouting. If you are writing a song, you have to get it recorded. If you’re doing a performance, you have to make sure to record and cut it. Etc.

What are your requirements to formats?
In order for your product to look/sound good in our channels, we have a few technical requirements.

Design recommendations

  • File type: .mov eller .mp4
  • Format: 1:1, 9:16 eller 16:9
  • Length: Min. 30 seconds, max. 60 minutes.
  • File size: Max. 4 GB

Design recommendations

  • File type: .jpg, .gif or .png
  • Format: 1:1
  • File size: Minimum 1080x1080 px
  • Maximum amount of images: 10

Design recommendations

  • File type: .mp3 or .wave
Got questions?

We've got answers. Feel free to contact us on kommunikation@roskilde-festival.dk