With our new campaign ’Time to Create’ Roskilde Festival now opens its doors for all creative self-employed/freelancers. We make our digital channels available for your content. You get a fee for a day’s work. We get a quality product in our channels.

The overall theme is community.

Read about how you can participate here


NB Time to Create is closed for applications due to 'Roskilde Festival – do it yourself'. Read more about our DIY initiative here

The works of illustrator Mia Mottelson can among other places be found in the daily newspaper Information. More of her works can be found at her webpage

Danish singersongwriter Uffe Lorenzen contributes with his brand new song Dommedags Eftermiddag (Doomsday Afternoon). Read more about him on the webpage

Olga Ravn is a Danish poet, critic, translator and editor. Her contribrution is titled FLASKE VERSUS BRYST (BOTTLE VERSUS BREAST) and can be read (in Danish) here as a PDF. Visit her webpage for more info. 

A Seat At The Table is a Danish podcast by three women that talk about their different reflections as minorities with African roots in Denmark. They contribute with an episode about how they are together while being apart. Listen to their podcast series here: 

The artwork of Ísak Guðnason addresses our first theme ‘community’ and captures moments in the beginning of the pandemic. It was meant to give hope with its subtle optimism. Now, it’s an indicator of how quickly times can change. The following four pictures are also part of his contribution. You can see his portfortfolio here 

Freestyle rapper Pelle Møller addresses the theme ‘community’ with rhymes related to personal reflections and political events. The video is in Danish and produced by Barrio Bajo. For more content by Barrio Bajo see For more content by Pelle Møller see

Thomas Pålsson's art piece celebrates activism among young people and focuses on the theme ‘community’. He's documented the creative process in this video. See more of his artwork here: 

In 'Time to Create', animator William Reynish has made three animated clay GIFs that tackle community-building activities such as beer bowling and the naked run. To see more of his work go to:

The performance artist Linh Le has made a contribution under the theme ‘we miss festivals’. She’s dancing in her Corona Cave surrounded by her memory of Roskilde Festival. Se more of her work here:

'På en pløjemark' by husband and wife, Daniel Buchwald and Katinka Bjerregaard. Made for Time to Create with the theme “we miss festivals”.