No volunteers. No Roskilde Festival.

The strong voluntary commitment is the DNA of Roskilde Festival. Every year, around 30.000 volunteers help sustain the goal of making a difference in the world. Besides all the hard-working volunteers, around 1.200 volunteers create the festival throughout the year, we call them all-year-volunteers.

We are proud of our volunteers, because they have been taking part in creating a unique festival city - a city with strong values and a place where we transform dreams into reality.

By volunteering at Roskilde Festival you are helping raise money for a wide range of good causes that make a difference for people all over the world.


What do you support?

Roskilde Festival has a partnership with around 200 associations who all help create the festival. Besides Foreningen Roskilde Festival, the other 200 associations recruit volunteers to contribute at the festival. By volunteering for one of Roskilde Festival's partner-associations, your effort will help the associations, and all profits will go to good causes selected by the association.

If you are volunteering directly at Foreningen Roskilde Festival, all profits are donated for cultural and charitable purposes selected and represented by Foreningen Roskilde Festival. You will be sure, that your effort is transformed into good causes streamlined with the values of Roskilde Festival.


Awesome offers for you as a volunteer
  • As a volunteer you can camp in one of the special areas for volunteers - here you can also take a free hot shower.
  • You can indulge in Volunteers Village, where you can become a part of the volunteer community. Here you have access to a Wi-Fi zone, free coffee, tea and lemonade. You can enjoy live music with bands and DJ's, a cozy bar, quiet areas to relax or have meetings. You can take part in a morning yoga-session, get a massage and much, much more.
  • As a volunteer you can take the free shuttle-bus, which drives around the festival.
  • You will of course have access to the festival site all days of the festival.


What is required of you?

Most volunteer positions require 32 hours effort, spread out on shifts throughout the whole festival, or 24 hours effort, spread out on the last four days of the festival.

As a festival volunteer, you must be the minimum of 15 years old at the start of the festival. For positions relating to sale of liquor and beer, as well as work with safety, such as service-volunteers at camp sites or crowd safety, you must be at least 18 years old. Some positions require you to be the minimum of 21 years old.

To become a volunteer, you must be ready to become part of a great and creative community!


Join us now!
  1. Check out the positions - they are waiting for you.
  2. You can also check this Facebook page for positions.
  3. Or sign up here. Then we’ll try to find just the thing for you.
  4. If you are a carpenter or a journalist (or something else) outside the festival days, we may just have an interesting and relevant position for you. Send your CV to volunteer@roskilde-festival.dk and we will get back to you.


Want to be involved throughout the year?

If you want to be an even bigger part of Roskilde Festival, we have plenty of options for you. Keep an eye on the openings right here (updated regularly).