Look here for important information about volunteering at Roskilde Festival. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at info@roskilde-festival.dk

How do I become a volunteer?

You can become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival 2023 in two ways:

Who can volunteer at Roskilde Festival?  

Every year, 30,000 volunteers gather to create Roskilde Festival and build the large festival city. The only requirement to be a volunteer is that you must be 15 years old at the start of the festival. For voluntary tasks involving the sale of spirits and beer as well as work with security, e.g. as service staff in the camping area or crowd safety, you must be 18 years old. Some tasks may require you to be 21 years old.

We have many different tasks at the festival and there is something for everyone. We have volunteers who cook, stand at the bar, host the camping area, set up tents, sort deposits, build and paint, contribute to security in front of the stages, do sedentary office work, and much more.

Read more about volunteering as an international right here: Volunteering as an International | Roskilde Festival (roskilde-festival.dk)


Which purposes do I support as a volunteer? 

Roskilde Festival is 100 percent non-profit, and all profits go to non-profit purposes. As a volunteer, you therefore directly support the good cause with your efforts.

You can be a volunteer in one of the 200 volunteer associations that help create Roskilde Festival and thus support the individual association's non-profit purpose.

You can also volunteer at Foreningen Roskilde Festival, where all profits go to support young people's well-being through art and culture.

Read more about our donations.

Can I volunteer with my friends?

There are many opportunities to volunteer with your friends at the festival. If you are looking for a volunteer role via one of our postings, please state how many of you that wish to volunteer together and state the name of the contact person.

You can also volunteer via Sign-up. When you are contacted by a team leader, simply state how many of you are interested in joining the team.

How many hours are required of me?

As a volunteer, you typically have to put in an effort of 32 hours spread over the entire festival period or 24 hours during the last four days of music, which run from Wednesday 28 June to Saturday 1 July, when all stages are open.

On some teams, it is possible to get a senior role, which is an offer for volunteers aged 65+, where, if necessary, you can just put in 75 percent of the hours you would otherwise have to. If it is not clear from the volunteer posting whether the team offers a senior role, you can ask the contact person.

On some teams it is also possible to volunteer for a single day by putting in an effort of eight hours and gaining access to the festival on that day. The number of hours can be seen from the various volunteer postings about available roles as a volunteer.

Is food and drink included when I volunteer? 

As a rule of thumb, there is always a meal and something to drink during an eight-hour shift. If you have many short shifts during the festival, you are not guaranteed a meal on each shift. If in doubt, please contact your team leader.

Your team either has food available in your area or you get a voucher that can be used in selected food stalls at the festival. There is no free meal when you are not on duty, but you are welcome to bring your own food, and we have fire pits where you can prepare the food. In addition, you have the opportunity to buy ready-made food in our stalls.


Where can I sleep as a volunteer?

All volunteers can apply to sleep in Volunteer Camping, where there is room to set up a tent with friends who are also volunteers. The area is located in the green areas around Darup Idrætscenter at the western end of the festival site. Here you can get a good night's sleep, and free hot baths, the opportunity to buy food and drink as well as charge your phone.

If you want to secure a spot with friends who are not volunteers, you can apply to be part of a Community Camping area or use our Get A Place areas.

Read more about Community Camping at Roskilde Festival

Of course you also have the option of finding a free space yourself in the general camping area upon your arrival.


Which special facilities do I gain access to as a volunteer?

As a volunteer who puts in a minimum of 24-32 hours, you get access to the festival and special facilities only for volunteers:

  • Free access to the Volunteers' Village with wifi and free coffee, tea and juice in cozy lounge areas, where you can get a well-deserved breather. Volunteers' Village also offers a wellness area including free yoga and massage. In the evening hours you are invited to parties just for volunteers with DJs, live music and a cozy volunteer bar.

  • Free access to cozy Volunteer Hubs in both Camping West and Camping East – with, among other things, relaxing lounge areas, free coffee, tea and juice – and free hot baths.

  • Possibility to spend the night with your friends, who are also volunteers, at Volunteer Camping, where there are also free hot baths.

  • The option to drive around the festival site free of charge with shuttle buses. 


What happens if I get sick?

Should you fall ill during the festival and are therefore prevented from attending your shift, you must contact your team leader immediately. Together you will find a solution either by exchanging your shift with someone from your team or withdrawing your wristband and sending you safely home from the festival site so that a new volunteer can take over your shifts.

What happens if I don't show up for a shift?

If you are absent from one or several of your shifts without a valid reason and without agreement with your manager, Roskilde Festival can confiscate your wristband and charge a fee of DKK 3,500. You will be lose the opportunity to volunteer for the next three years at the festival.

I have a volunteer position, but I need more information.

Head to 
People with your personal log-in. People is Roskilde Festival's volunteer database where all festival volunteers have a profile. On People you can find your team and your contact person as well as important documents such as your check-in card, which you need to provide in order to receive your wristband. If you have questions about your volunteer position and tasks, please contact your team leder.


When will I receive my wristband?

Please find your personal check-in card on the frontpage of your People account. Before receiving your wristband, please bring your check-in card as well as photo identification.

Du finder dit personlige check-in-kort på forsiden af din People-profil. Når du skal have udleveret dit armbånd, skal du medbringe dit check-in-kort as well as photo identification. You will receive your wristband at Check-In in building 6 at Roskilde Handelsskole – Bakkesvinget 67. You can read all about check-in and how to get your wristbands in the official Roskilde Festival app.


How do I download the official Roskilde Festival app?

For iPhone users, please find the app in App Store.

For Android users, please find the app at http://roskil.de/app 

As a volunteer, you can log in to the app with your People log-in. This way you will get access to all relevant information for volunteers such as news, the festival map and much more.