Saturday 6 July 2019
Progressive synthesis of electronic sound and Afro-Caribbean language

There is an ancient city in Nigeria named Ifè, the origins of which were sown by the seed of a palm tree planted by the god Oduduwa – an ancient Yoruba myth tells.

ÌFÉ is also the name of the latest project of Mark Underwood, aka Otura Mun, a Puerto Rico-based producer, drummer and singer who is also a Babalawo (high priest) in the Yoruba religion.

He is famous in the Puerto Rican music scene for producing some of the best works of contemporary local artists.

ÌFÉ’s debut album IIII + IIII (pronounced ‘edgy-ogbe’) is a blissful encounter of ancient Afro-Caribbean spirituality and electronic music. It blends sacred Yoruba music, Rumba and Caribbean rhythms, dancehall and contemporary electronic sounds. The music reveals many languages – Spanish, Arabic, English and Yoruba – that create a rich texture, just like the sounds.

ÌFÉ has toured both Europe and North America, winning over fans where they go. Now it’s time to be won over at Roskilde Festival. Prepare for a spiritual and danceable experience when ÌFÉ takes the stage.