Tuesday 2 July 2019
Cold and intense doom metal

What’s the rush? It’s time to take things slowly, time to tune down the instruments and to make the earth tremble from the hell-deep notes.

Alkymist is what you can call a new force in doom metal. They are one of the reasons why the Danish metal underground is blooming (or should we say glooming?).

Alkymist (yes, you guessed it, the name means ‘alchemist’) hails from Copenhagen and is a young band. Only three years of existence – but its members are no newcomers. They have previously played in acts like Detest, Düreforsög, Franklin Zoo and Magnetic Eye.

And boy, do they sound like masters of heavy, misty and powerful atmospheres. Their massive, noisy sound becomes immediately hypnotising. That’s not least because the band loves stretching their songs. On their self-titled debut album from 2018 half of the songs move past the nine-minute mark, and you really want them to keep playing forever. They’re that good!

Alkymist makes a perfect mixture of heavy stuff and progressive elements. Careful when you drink it – it’s powerful stuff and it will take you on a trip.