Saturday 6 July 2019
Green-haired millennial pop hope ready for Roskilde

Alma-Sofia Miettinen – or as most people know her: Alma – is a name that will soon be on everybody’s lips. She’s an exponent of true girl power out of Finland and a shining popstar-in-the-making. Know her by her luminous green hair and her marvellous voice.

Her distinctive vocal cords – a rib-rattling, frayed-around-the-edges clarion call inspired by her childhood love of punk – first gained attention in her homeland in 2013, when she wowed Finland’s version of Pop Idol. She was just 16 then. She later found her own voice.

Alma’s debut single “Karma” (2016) is an attitude-heavy slice of agit-pop which crashed into the Finnish charts. Her follow-up, “Dye My Hair”, is a house-tinged affair and says a thing or two about her physical appearance. Later tracks like “Good Vibes”, “Chasing Highs” and “Good Vibes” show a full-fledged star in Nordic pop, who’s now preparing to take on the whole world. Her singles find her playing around with a posse of other like-minded strong female musicians; she has shared microphone with the likes of MØ, Tove Lo and Charli XCX.


Alma, now 22, writes her own songs and she’s an artist unafraid of raising her voice for women’s rights and sexism in the music business. Her debut album is just around the corner. A pop explosion awaits!

When she tears her way through a live set – all snarls, swagger and diva hands – the Finnish popstar is fearless. She prowls up and down the stage, holding the mic like a battle rapper and belting out song after song without a flicker of inhibition. In many variants, her muscular, tropical house-tinged pop music is often about not giving a toss.

Alma certainly stands out from the glossy pop crowd. Don’t miss her on her way towards stardom.