Thursday 4 July 2019
Avant-EDM or smashed-up techno music? Dark euphoria with some of experimental club music’s boldest creators. Exclusively for adventurous listeners.

The two Finnish producers Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala hang out in claustrophobic dark clubs and industrial grounds in Berlin. At least that’s the image you get when listening to their hyper-textured, turbulent, post-industrial electronic music.

In 2018, Amnesia Scanner released their debut album on the esteemed German label PAN. Another Life is almost what the title says. It may sound like a dystopian vision of the world – in music. But in fact, according to the two producers, it’s a reflection of time we’re already living in – and sometimes that’s scary enough.

Amnesia Scanner produces music that somehow reminds you of techno. There are plenty of powerful repetitions, hooky tones and an invitation to let go and dance along to the music. Simultaneously, the noise and distortion, the harsh synths and the inhuman vocals want to tear everything apart. The beauty and the ugly coexist, and this tension is exciting stuff you want to dive into. If you dare.

The duo call their music avant-EDM.

Amnesia Scanner is best experienced loud, allowing yourself to be cocooned inside the violent sounds. In the alternative anthem-like track “AS Another Life” an alien-pitched voice says: “There’s this life / and there’s another life.” If you’re on Amnesia Scanner’s wavelength then you will tune into their determinedly experimental sound, and within it find a freedom and a groove that speak to a different way of being.