Monday 1 July 2019
Sweet and smooth R&B pop

Artifact Collective is a collective of six friends who contribute to a sound that speaks to everybody’s beating pop hearts.

The music has many flavours, cherry-picked from the sensitive corner of R&B. The band members found the kick for writing songs when listening to D’Angelo. And if you dig this kind of velvety, sun-licked R&B pop, you should definitely listen to Artifact Collective.

The sextet’s debut single “Light Blue” has been critically acclaimed both in Denmark and abroad, and Danish radio station P3 chose the tune as ‘song of the week’.

Earlier in 2019, Artifact Collective released their debut EP Shadow Play, which wraps all R&B-infatuated music fans in warm, melancholic sweetness.

In the last six months, the band has played themselves into top form with concerts all over Denmark. Even though the band has retreated into the studio to write new material, they will be stopping by Roskilde Festival and let their songs shine as brightly as the setting sun.