House of Chroma
Thursday 4 July 2019

Art Zone

Spray paintings at the intersection of portraits and street textures

Askew One’s mural and art making process relies heavily on direct inspiration from the environment he’s working in. Never planning anything ahead of arriving in a space, he makes an assessment about the right direction to follow on the spot.

Askew One aka Elliot O’Donnell is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist from Auckland, New Zealand. From his roots in his city’s graffiti scene during the early 90s, he became one of the key figures known internationally from the region.

Askew One’s work has progressed from text and portraiture-based paintings into a style he describes as 'portraiture by alternative means': part still life and part abstraction.

He uses a combination of analogue and digital techniques to create compositions made from 3D scans of random objects and textures from the street. He views these components as a recording of human movement through urban space – like a mass portrait versus one of an individual.

Askew One’s mixture of graffiti, art and murals combined with his colourful and constant development of the spray can media will be a central experience in Art Zone at Roskilde Festival 2019.