Friday 5 July 2019
From classical training to electronic experimentation – and the emotions found inside that clash

Astrid Sonne is a Copenhagen-based composer and viola player. She has a background in classical music, having played her string instrument since the age of six (24 years old today). She then shifted to digital composition, and in her experiments with pedals and Ableton she found an outlet for what she wanted to express.

In her music she lets computer-generated sounds (often gritty noise) meet organic sounds – “like a cat playing with string theory,” says Drowned in Sound.

Her songs consist of everything from synthesisers to choir samples and viola sequences, exceeding genre definitions. She uses repetition, contrast, distortion and pauses, and the result is both melancholic and peaceful.

This is ear candy for anyone interested in contemporary composition and avant-garde electronic music and artists like Laurel Halo and Holly Herndon.

Astrid Sonne has also engaged in creating conceptual, site-specific compositions for places like the old ruins under the Danish Parliament and a stretch of the Copenhagen Metro as a part of Trans Metro Express for Strøm Festival.

Sonne’s debut album Human Lines was released via Escho in 2018.

Look forward to something mesmerising, something noisy and occasionally confusing but uplifting when Astrid Sonne plays Roskilde Festival. She will show you how a viola can be treated.