Friday 5 July 2019
New project by mastermind behind Mbongwana Star

This is new. This is so new that no one has heard much from the project yet. And still, the world of curious music fans is raving about it.

There is a reason for that!

Bantou Mentale is a new project started by Doctor L (Liam Farrell), the Irish-born, Paris-based electro producer behind outfits like Tony Allen, Mbongwana Star and Les Amazones d'Afrique.

With a heavy Congolese flavour, it bills itself as “the new rave from Kinshasa”. Songs from the depths of Africa, dark repetitive ecstatic vocals, embedded in an aesthetic electronic sound world full of broken beats, bass, distortion and buzz.

The band consists of Congolese musicians based between Château Rouge, Paris, and Matongé, DR Congo: Chico on guitar, Cubain Kabeya on drums (former drummer of Jupiter & Okwess), Apocalypse on vocals and Liam Farrell on bass, guitar, synths and beats.

The Paris-based band will release their debut album in autumn 2019 on Glitterbeat Records. Before then, come and have a taste of Bantou Mentale when they play Roskilde Festival 2019.