Thursday 4 July 2019
Teen duo delivering masterful pop music way beyond their years

Barselona (yes, with an ’s’) has been very productive since they first became known to most people in their home country of Denmark after their performance at Roskilde Festival 2017. They have released three mixtapes (from 2016), two EPs and a handful of music videos, and it seems that their musical curiosity and gilt-edged source of inspiration are inexhaustible.

After first having formed a band (a decision made at Roskilde Festival) the two friends, Rasmus Theodor and Rud Aslak, quickly found an expression that was their own. Their appreciation of DIY culture and pop music in pastel colours led to a skewed lo-fi expression with hooky songs. The EPs Drengepop and Sommerkys were about endless blue skies and the euphoria (and sadness) of youth. No ironic distance here, just great fervour.

And that’s what works with Barselona. They mean it, maaan! And people love them! When they played at Roskilde 2017 on our Rising stage, the area was full of people dancing along to their music. In concert, the duo expands to a five-piece band who wants to rock out a bit more. Thick bass, drums, glimmer synths, guitar chords in minor and, of course, Rud Aslak’s lazy, shrewd croon on top of it all.

Now, Barselona is gearing up for new things. The single “Fra Wien til Rom” puts some clouds on the blue sky, and a more grey-ish melancholy pushes the song, and the band, towards new territories. A catchy whistle hook lets the song spin forever inside your head. And the latest single, “Har været på vingerne”, is an acoustic song showing a new brand of sparse fervour. Thye are teasers for a full length that the world – or Denmark, at least – is waiting for. The band has promised a more rocking, organic sound. Exciting times are ahead, and in the meantime the crowds at Barselona shows only grow bigger.

The idea of Barselona started at Roskilde. The story will continue here.