3-6 July 2019

Art Zone

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Danish artist makes film poster for a film that won’t be made. Perhaps you will see your future in it...

We have heard of soundtracks for non-existing films. But how about a movie poster for a film that will not be made?

This is exactly the art work made by Danish artist Biba Fibiger.

The image itself has become more important than the object, and the reading of an image done by algorithms becomes not only a tool to look with but also to predict.

Fibiger’s movie poster examines the images and stories we create about ourselves and our surrounding world – and through this, how we want our future world to look like.

Biba Fibiger, who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016, digs an interest in the technologies and streams of images we use to decode, produce and position ourselves in the world.

Biba Fibiger exhibits in Art Zone at Roskilde Festival 2019 as part of The Bikuben Foundation’s studio programme