Friday 5 July 2019
London-based mathy noiseniks are heralded as one of best new bands out of the UK

If you do a web search for Black Midi you’ll stumble over examples of the bonkers genre of the same name: MIDI files consisting of thousands of notes.

The band Black Midi is something else entirely.

Who are they, then?

Here’s what we know: Black Midi is a London four-piece consisting of four teenagers: Geordie, Morgan, Matt and Cameron. And they are somewhat secretive about their music. Until recently, it was practically impossible to hear anything from these lads. Not a single song, not even on Soundcloud. As of now: one studio recording is available. A Christmas song.

Still, Black Midi are generating lots of buzz at the moment. They are touted as one of the hottest new underground bands in the UK. Shame are fans. So are we!

When we saw the band live we saw a taut, frenetic, inventive rock band that, if not defied then intersected genres (post-punk, math, noise) to sculpt a style that is incomparable to most bands (one Twitter user tried though). It’s centred around a semi-screeched vocal, intricate guitars and a drummer whose stick-slapping has to be seen to be believed (he won a ‘young drummer of the year’ award when he was just 15).

Black Midi played a one-off session for NTS Radio, check it out below.

First and foremost, Black Midi are a live band, their gigs are almost tight-lipped set-ups, but that’s about to change. Black Midi are ready for more – and you should definitely catch these sensational teens when they make their debut at Roskilde Festival. Take our word for it, they will make a fan out of you!