Thursday 4 July 2019
UK techno titan keeps the beats hard-edged and the sounds gritty

Jamie Roberts, aka Blawan, is one of the most notable electronic producers of this decade, and he has consistently refined and perfected his craft.

He emerged from the post-dubstep scene from where he switched to a gritty brand of techno, painting each release still darker and more sinister.

Blawan’s hair-raising 2012 track "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage" achieved popularity beyond the dance music sphere, and Blawan was regarded as one of the leaders of the industrial techno revival. 

In 2015 he started his own label, Ternesc, and unveiled a sound heavy on DIY modular synthesis, rather than just the boxes and buttons of post-eighties electronic hardware. Following several EPs, each of which sounded different from the last, he released his full-length debut, Wet Will Always Dry, in 2018. It’s full of the suspenseful, banging techno he's been known for since the early beginnings. Blawan remains a master of controlling tension and pushes things forward by showing that the traditional techno template can still be sculpted in surprising new forms with his own trademark sound. No wonder he’s won over the critics (just have a peek at this review from Resident Advisor).

When he takes the stage at Roskilde Festival he will play a live modular set. That means lots of wires, blinking diodes, knobs and buttons – and, of course, hard-edged banging industrial techno for your dancing feet and your blown mind.