Friday 5 July 2019
Kingpins of modern British rock big it up at Roskilde!

Bring Me the Horizon are burning brightly, and they have grown increasingly more popular over the years. Their success is a tale of perseverance, and their evolution from screaming metalcore youngsters to the boundary-smashing behemoths they are today is a matter of ambition and the insistence on development.

BMTH’s sound easily fills up the big concert halls they play. The music is grand, loud, tight and impressive, especially for a band that mixes up so many different genres and elements. The band – and especially its frontman Oli Sykes – plays with a kind of aggressive swagger which has now become their trademark.

BMTH have a solid reputation for being fierce live performers. If you caught them at Roskilde Festival 2016 you are in the know. They blow you over with skills, intensity and general oomph. And the energy that both the band and the crowd give off (insert numerous moshpits!) makes their show beyond enjoyable! In 2019, we’ll let the band unleash its energy on our Orange Stage.

When BMTH released their fifth album, That’s the Spirit, in 2015 they embraced an easier approachable, melodic, anthemic sound, which launched the band to critical acclaim and an almost number one album in their home country. Then the group played the Royal Albert Hall with an orchestra and a choir. BMTH are on the verge of becoming superstars, bringing metal to audiences of a size not seen in their home country since the 80s. 

Their sixth album Amo has just been released. It’s about love, not the highs but the pitfalls. BMTH is still a band who refuses to stand still nor rest on previous achievements. The album holds an odyssey of diversity in sound (cue rock, pop, dance, rap), and their singles “Wonderful Life” and “Mantra” prove that the band is still fully capable of delivering an exciting mix of hard rock and modern metal with muscular sounds, thunderous riffs and soaring choruses. BMTH has an innate ability to stay one step ahead – and this means that the future remains theirs.