Thursday 4 July 2019
Hip-hop crew discusses difficult subjects and starts up a chaotic concert party!

They prefer to be called an ‘all-American boy band’ rather than a rap group.

Los Angeles-based Brockhampton is made up of a number of strong vocalists (plus a crew of producers, graphic designers and other creative minds). When they released their 2018 album Iridescence, they were a sextet including the charismatic oddball Merlyn Wood, the explosive Joba, flow masters Matt Champion and Dom McLellan, and the indie rock sensibilities of Bearface. All of them rap and most of them sing. Some stunt, some goof around, some tell personal stories. 

Brockhampton is really like a group of friends coming together to create amazing music and, most of all, have fun. In 2017, things got serious. The group’s meteoric rise started as they churned out no less than three albums, The Saturation Trilogy, in the space of months. The tracks showcased their impressive ability to channel youthful exuberance and blue-sky thinking into refined, hook-heavy hip-hop tracks.

In 2018, they released iridescence, which made its debut at the top spot of the US Billboard album chart. All critics agree that it delivers on the steadily evolving promise of the Saturation series with thoughtful introspection and their typically genre-blurring sound fusion. Incorporating soulful R&B reflections, raucous hip-hop energy, grime grit and aggressive electronic production, the album bursts with ideas. 

And speaking of bursting, try catching Brockhampton on a live stage. Blistering energy pervades their live shows, powering the razor-sharp exchanges between MCs, as well as their relentless ducking, weaving and pogoing. For Brockhampton, every song is a posse cut, and every hook is to be screamed back at the top of your lungs. Giant circle pits are often encouraged and they make for one hell of an energy boost!

Brockhampton will bring a live show that you won’t forget anytime soon. Don’t miss them at Roskilde Festival 2019.