Saturday 29 June 2019
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We have prepared a four-hour-long concert with the cream of the crop from the Danish urban scene.

Here is a special party invitation for all of you arriving on the first day, Saturday 29 June. After you've set up camp and opened your first beer and you're ready for a little festival adventure, you should definitely head over to the brand-new area, Central Park, where you will also find our Countdown stage.

To mark the opening of Central Park, we’re having a huge party!

From 20:00 and onwards for four fab, festive hours until midnight, we have quite a musical menu ready for your devouring pleasure on the Countdown stage. We have gathered a dream team from the Danish urban scene, and Danish DJ and radio host Pelle Peter Jensen hosts. The programme is as follows:

  • Goldie
  • Tessa
  • Yakuza 
  • Future Animals
  • Baby Bino & Lille Høg
  • Michael Williams
  • Pattesutter
  • Emil Stabil
  • Emil Kruse
  • Eloq
  • Pelle Peter Jensen

Come over and join the kick-off of Roskilde Festival.

Where is Central Park, you might ask? Download our map, look for the centre of it all and you will find the area, which generally invites you to hang out throughout the festival period. Here you can also do a little shopping, and when the festival site opens, you can enter through Central Park.